The Pillars are the introductory panels of Roots of Humanity, a monumental art glass structure intended to educate and inspire the individual while increasing unity and connection throughout the human race. The Roots of Humanity Pillars windows were designed to showcase the best of human virtues and help remind us that we are all one race with potential for greatness. The border we call “the fabric of our lives,” runs through each panel and illustrates a human DNA chain through a tapestry of culturally iconic fabric designs.


Love is a defining characteristic of humanity.  
With no racial or cultural boundaries, we are all a part of the human whole.
This panel focuses on LOVE and includes Charity, Empathy, Acceptance, Respect, Generosity, Forgiveness, and Compassion.
These words are found in the six recognized languages of the United Nations along with visual illustrations and quotes in their originally stated languages symbolizing those concepts.

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This panel focuses on Faith including Purpose, Meaning, Spirituality, Opportunity, Passion, Philosophy, Trust, Conviction, and Optimism.  
These concepts are shown through words and quotes in multiple languages along with historical, cultural and symbolic imagery.
The panels show international diversity and inter-faith cooperation. It encourages diverse thoughts and tolerance of belief.


The panel representing UNITY incorporates Family, Community, Inclusion, Support, Harmony, Belonging, Integrity, Connection and Fellowship.
As in the other panels, these are illustrated literally and symbolically through imagery and language.

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